July 6, 2022


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3 Microwave Shortcuts For Easy Home Cooking: Spend Less Time And Energy

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Food is the elixir of life. Therefore, care must be taken to have hygienic and non-toxic food. A microwave oven is a useful tool for keeping your food budget in line. Heat up leftovers quickly without drying out food or heating up the kitchen (great in hot weather)! The microwave cooks vegetables by steaming, quickly defrosting frozen foods, melting butter, superheating a grilled cheese sandwich, heating a cup of water in no time to make tea, instant coffee, cocoa or dry soup.

The microwave oven is there for that purpose. It is a kitchen appliance that cooks food using microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum.
Since microwave energy is immediately converted to heat, radioactivity in cooked food is harmless. Foods with more water content cook against the clock compared to those with less water. This technique causes the outer layers to heat up first, and from there the heat is conducted to the inner layers.

The intensity of microwave penetration depends on the frequency and composition of the food. The lower the frequency, the higher the penetration rate. As it depends on the amount of water used, steaming vegetables in the microwave results in the retention of 77% of the nutrients, compared to heating on the stove.
Cooking with a microwave oven can be problematic for some foods (like meat) because microwaves tend to heat unevenly. To ensure uniform heating, the magnetron directs its waves to a rotating metal disk with offset blades, which disperses the waves through the furnace cavity; Sometimes a turntable is also used for food. Still, since food is heated from the inside out, the food browns little or not at all, often resulting in unappealing-looking cooked foods. This is why a microwave is probably used more often to reheat leftovers or frozen foods.

1) Unlike a conventional oven that must be preheated, a microwave does not waste energy heating the air inside the oven. It is the perfect solution for the person who normally reheats pre-cooked or semi-cooked foods that are easy to heat up and finish cooking. Many food manufacturers are aware of this niche and have created various types of microwave-only foods that cook quickly and taste good.

2) Microwave cooking is more like steaming than boiling, and minimizes the leakage of vitamins and minerals into the cooking water. Microwave cooking is the perfect solution for those of us who don’t have time to cook the traditional way but would still like to prepare homemade meals.

3) If you must cook the meat in a microwave, the best way is to parcook the meat and finish cooking it in a pan or in a conventional oven. This final stage will add the golden touch to the meat. Also, microwave cooking is not recommended for cuts of meat that are less tender, since microwave cooking does not tenderize meats like slower cooking methods do.

Microwave cooking has grown in popularity even though it has not caught on as well as the inventors would have liked. Most people can own a microwave, but most use it to reheat already cooked food, rather than cooking it from scratch in their microwave. The proof of this is in the many products that have been created to make microwave cooking a little more attractive.

A microwave oven is an indispensable kitchen appliance for many people who would not be without it. However, it is not a viable replacement for conventional cooking methods. It has its uses, to be sure, but until technology improves, it’s not likely to take the place of your regular oven anytime soon.

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